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Welcome to Rock-N-Reef Fishing Tackle
Home of "The Original Chumstik"

We are the exclusive manufacturer of “The Original Chumstik”.

The Chumstik is a revolutionary new terminal fishing tackle system, designed to attract and catch more big fish, reduce snagging and hang-ups, and decrease break-offs on rocky bottoms.

When the hollow tube is loaded with fish attracting chum, it stands vertically upright on the bottom dangling a baited weedless hook in plain sight of feeding fish.

This fishing tackle has been proven effective in fresh water rivers and lakes for catfish, and over rocky reefs and oyster beds for species of inshore saltwater trout, redfish, and flounder.

It works well with live or artificial baits, and live bait is held suspended off the bottom so it can’t swim down into the rocks to hide and hang-up. This is the best terminal fishing tackle on the market for fishing rocky bottoms. It is not designed to be fished in heavy underwater brush.

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